Fear can affect us all and very differently. Whatever it is the fear of spiders, strangers, the unknown, or the fear of not being able to live up to the perfect ideal, then fear is inevitable. Fear and anxiety can hit us as both a powerful flash of panic and horror or just a sneaky hesitation that holds us back. It can be used to dictate our actions, but can and must also be overcome. In the intense and intimate dance performance "FEAR", three dancers confront us with both the tragic as well as the comic form of fear and how it - both in mind and body - affects our behaviour and how by accepting it, we may overcome it.

The performance is choreographed by Thomas Bentin and Stephanie Thomasen (Uppercut Dance Company) in close collaboration with the dancers of Marie Brolin-Tani's Black Box Dance Company.

The performance is made up of a performance part and a part with a audience conversation.

Presented during Aarhus Festuge / Festival Week.