Please note: Artist talk after the performances on Thursday September 5th. Jon R. Skulberg in conversation with Signe Klejs.

For Ever Four Seasons" is a musical, choreographic and existentialist work which insists on slowness, as an act of resistance against our rapidly accelerating world.
At one and the same time, Jon R. Skulberg and Convoi Exceptionnel want to give the audience a sensuous experience, which both pleases and disturbs while posing the fundamental question: What is the role of mankind in the Anthropocene era?

The first dancer, Kenzo Kusuda, has freed himself of the patterns of human motion to create the basic form of "nature". The second dancer, Marianna Kavallieratos, is a figure wandering in a probable and violent vision of the future - in an impossible attempt to build a relationship with the outside world and a "nature" which no longer bears any resemblance to itself.

The two dancer's conditions and emotional states are anchored to the newly composed works by the cello duo Soma & Lil and composer and sound artist Kristian Hverring. Jon R. Skulberg's staging, scenography and light invite the audience to a series of images of presence in slow but constant change.

Please note: Strobe lights will be used in parts of the performance.


"The last cramps of life are butoh-like choreographed. It's beautiful and grim. (...) All the instruments of the dance theater are dichotomously sharply divided into white and black, light and dark, noise and silence, alone and together, blind and watching. Movement and death. There are no nuances. We are witnessing slowly evoked aesthetic images of survival."
- Nanna Rohweder, (read the whole review in Danish)

About Convoi Exceptionnel

CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL is a Nordic production platform, focused on interdisciplinarity and spatial-somatic relationship within theatre, opera, choreography, and installation.

The performances are developed with a strong visual gaze by balancing visual means, sound, and music into a holistic unity, which are in a relationship with one or more physical bodies.

In a formalized aesthetic, frequently asked questions are: What is the tempo of this space? How to delay time? What is stillness? The potential of the 1:1 scale relationship between the performers and the audience is Convoi Exceptionnel`s center of attention.

Convoi Exceptionnel was founded in 2016.

About Jon R. Skulberg

Jon R. Skulberg (1985- ) is a Norwegian artist based in Copenhagen. Skulberg is educated as scenographer from Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad, and Institute of Dramaturgy, Aarhus University and Dance Studies, Copenhagen University. He works as stage director, choreographer and scenographer.

Skulberg has worked with Kirsten Dehlholm and Hotel Pro Forma on several productions, latest Parsifal, Poznan Opera (2013), Rienzi. Rise and Fall, Latvian National Opera (2014) and Rachmnainov Troika, La Monnaie/De Munt (2015).

Besides his collaboration with Hotel Pro Forma, Skulberg is the second half of JULI/JON, a choreography duo. In 2016 Skulberg founded Convoi Exceptionnel.

Jon R. Skulberg's works has been performed and exhibited in Oslo, Copenhagen, Brussels, Aarhus, Poznan, Riga, Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow and Prague.