In FORGIVENESS three dancers and two actors explore with sincerity and without illusions the fundamental and intangible forgiveness. From the major conflicts in human history to the small intimate tragedies.

Performed with both seriousness and humor in a form in which theater, monologue, dance and physical performance merge.

FORGIVENESS is a Danish-Canadian collaboration. Modern Times Stage Company and Dreamwalker Dance Company of Toronto has produced the show along with Bora Bora and Laboratoriet. The three Canadian performers have created the show along with Aarhus' very active dance company Don*Gnu - known for the popular "Woman Knew Your Wardrobe" and who this season also premieres "N.A.R.G. - North ArenA Rumble Game".

FORGIVENESS premiered in Toronto in February 2014, and it is the first time it is shown on stage in Denmark.

The performance is in English.


"FORGIVENESS shows how art is better when it isn’t merely rendered for its own sake. It is a brave risk that deserves generous support from theatre and dance audiences."
- Keith Garabian, Stage and Page

"Each performer has their own opportunity built into the show to display their skill and personality. Thomas Ryder Payne has created an amazing sound design, one that could be impressive on its own. Payne’s sound design does not just accompany the show; it is a vital part of it.”
- Beat Ris, Charlebois Post

“FORGIVENESS boasts a strong ensemble cast, but it is the sixth star, the lighting/set/sound partnership that deserves heaps of accolades."
- Jennifer McKinley, Mooney on Theatre

"A bracing, compelling, beautifully realized production. As with all Parsa productions, the theme is investigated with sensitivity and produced with a clear-eyed spareness, muscularity, elegantly danced with an in-your-face directness.
- Lynn Slotkin, The Passionate Playgoer

About The Modern Times Stage Company

The Modern Times Stage Company from Canada was established in Toronto in 1989. For 25 years the company has been creating new theatre work, revisiting classical pieces (Beckett, Ionesco, Lorca, Shakespeare), and translating the works of major Iranian playwrights. Led by Iranian-Canadian director, Soheil Parsa, the company’s work has performed in Colombia, Cuba, Iran and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Although stylistically, Parsa’s work transforms according to the production at hand, there is often a timeless and placeless quality to the aesthetic and a strong focus on visual imagery.
The company has been honoured with 10 Toronto ‘Dora’ Awards and has been nominated for 50. Director Soheil Parsa has won several national and international distinctions.