IMPORTANT! Only one audience member for each performance - five performances per day.
Tickets can only be bought online. Not at the door.
Performance will be in English. Enter through the glass sidedoor in the school yard.


"GARDEN" is a unique performance experience where individual audiences one at a time are immersed into a surreal world of adventure and intimate encounters. Traveling between the curtains of a dream like maze, they encounter an environment that would be best described as Twin Peaks meets Alice in Wonderland!

This immersive and participatory performance for one audience member is a 45 minute experience where you will have unique encounters that are tailored to your own imagination and desires.

Upon your arrival at your allocated performance time slot you will be greeted by a steward who will equip you with all the guidance you need to enter "GARDEN". From then onwards you will enter alone into a transformed stage, through curtain corridors, dim lights and ambient soundscapes in a parallel world where sense is senseless. Through-out your journey you will encounter characters that invite you to become part of their fragmented narratives and question your identity and personal borders.

Who are you? Who will you choose to become? Which rabbit will you follow? The power of choice is in your hands as your choices effect the overall outcome of this inexplicable performance narrative.

GARDEN breaks traditional theatre formats and offers full immersion into a universe.

No performances on Sundays.

Recommended for audiences age 17 and up.
Contains nudity.


Please note:
There are only 55 available tickets for this rare performance experience and each person’s individual adventure is attributed to the following time slots between the 12th and 23rd of September. Tickets must be purchased online as no tickets will be sold on the door due to limited availability. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment.



About HimHerAndIt Productions

HIMHERANDIT Productions are an award-winning company that have been creating cutting edge performances since 2002 with artistic direction by Andreas Constantinou.

In 2013 HIMHERANDIT ignited a six year performance project titled The GENDERhouse Projects. The GENDERhouse projects are a series of yearly performances and community projects that span out between 2013-2018 around topics of gender, sexuality and identity. To date these yearly performances have great success with extensive international touring and critical responses.

Most recently in 2017 the 6th performance of The GENDERhouse titled WoMAN & WOMAN was nominated for a Reumert Award for best dance performance in Denmark. In 2015 and 2016 for two years running HimHerAndIt were named one of the 20 most exciting emerging dance companies in Europe with selection of their performances The WOMANhouse and WOMAN at Aerowaves16 and Aerowaves17 and in 2015 and 2016. Two performance awards were gained for the performances of ReDoing GENDER and The WOMANhouse from the Danish Arts Foundation Scholarship Committee. Now HIMHERANDIT bring you GARDEN which is their 7th performance included in The GENDERhouse series.

Vision and Motivation

HIMHERANDIT are rigorous in their vision and motivation with a high ambition to make performance projects that push, provoke and engage audiences into a discourse around important subject matters. To achieve this they believe in an artistic freedom not compromised by “popular culture”. Instead they seek to address important themes and show audiences that performance can be a space for them to reflect, spark dialogue and question the world while still having fun.

HIMHERANDIT seek to develop meaningful performances for presentation locally, nationally and internationally. Aiming to create a space for the marginalized, disregarded, diverse and queer, bringing important subject matters such as gender, sexuality and identity to the for front of dialogue. Offering performances, workshops, educational programs, research labs and artist talks to promote social change through art, they endeavour to touch people’s lives through projects that are un-shy of addressing topical subject matters.