- a sharp and hard hitting anniversary cocktail

Kassandra Production celebrates its 15th anniversary with a sharp cocktail of hard-hitting and hilarious scenes from the repertoire - served with new and surprising twists.

Glitch On The Rocks is a tribute to the moments where the film breaks, the facade cracks, where you stand with your pants down – and you are on the slippery slope!
With humour, madness and bizarre comments on current trends, it’s set for a rattling strong theatrical cocktail.

Glitch On The Rocks featuring insane backwards choreographies, undressed shopaholics, dancing men in heartbreaking high-heeled paso double, a male Scheherazade, top-tuned performance consultants, weeping money investors, bazooka-excess men in women's clothes, a tragicomic moustache orchestra ... and much, much more!

With the legendary and groovy 'moustache orchestra' in the back, you are welcome into a veritable firework display, with some of Denmark's most distinguished performers.

Release the reins for a while!

Welcome to the GLITCH!


Glitch On The Rocks is a celebration of the fissures, short circuits and other 'glitches' ​​that makes the world a more varied, colourful and challenging place to be. It is also a celebration of Kassandra Production, which for 15 years has unabashedly made ​​original and uncompromising performing arts under the artistic direction of Annika B. Lewis. It has been more than 25 productions, which moves in the intersection of dance, theatre, media and performance art.

Come and celebrate with us!

Glitch On The Rocks is produced by Kassandra Production in a coproduction with Bora Bora