GrowOP! Festival focuses - as the only opera festival in Denmark - on children's and young people's meeting with opera as an artform. The purpose of the festival is to present opera performances of the best quality to children..

GrowOP! Festival 2017 takes place from November 11th to 26th in 2017, as one of the last programmed events on the Aarhus 2017 schedule. It takes place in several of the municipalities in Region Midt with a core of activities and performances at Bora Bora, Teatret Gruppe 38, The Women's Museum and Dokk1 on November 16th to 18th in Aarhus.

The three performances presented at Bora Bora are:


"Hug en hæl, klip en tå" (5-9 years)
Den Jyske Opera (DK), 45 min. + intro
Wednesday 15/11 kl. 17:00
In Danish. Read more.


"Min far og Vrede Mand" (from 7 years)
ZeBU & Musikteatret SAUM (DK), 45 min.
Saturday 18/11 kl. 11:00
In Danish. Read more.


"Rødhaps og Ulven" ("Roodhapje") (from 9 years)
Holland Opera (NL), 60 min. + 30 min. intro
Saturday 18/11 kl. 10:30 - BUY TICKET
Saturday 18/11 kl. 15:30 - BUY TICKET
In Dutch, but the performance has an introduction,
where the most important words are presented. Read more.


Besides the above there are also performances for institutions not open to the public.