The changeability of nature is central when GrowOp! The festival presents this rococo pearl from the Swedish Opera Workshop / Malmö Opera.

Ceres, the goddess of farming, has two daughters; Proserpin and Cyane. A warm and lovely summer day, the sisters are picking flowers as Proserpin suddenly disappears. When Ceres hears this, she becomes so desperate that she forgets to look after nature. Flowers and plants bleed and die, and it is autumn.
In the Opera Workshop version of the rococo pearl Proserpin from 1781, it is told for children of four singers, a dancer and three musicians. The music is played on marimba, clarinet and violin, combined with Persian violin and Armenian woodwind.

The Opera Workshop is Malmö Opera's children's and youth department - a laboratory that tests the art form with everything from experimental opera to respectful interpretations of classics.

Age group: From 8 years
Duration: ca. 50 min.

Schools: Besides the mentioned playing times there are also performances only for school groups. Please contact Den Jyske Opera for more information on these.