"Vølvens Dom" (The Judgement of The Vølven) is a Nordic saga opera about future anxiety and future hope. A raw tale of Ragnarok and resurrection. About greed and change.

The world is about to fall, and people are calling on the Vølven for help. But Vølven has seen it before. She is tired of the stupid people who make the same mistakes over and over again.

"Vølvens Dom" is an opera about the state of the planet. It is a raw story about ragnarok and greed and about future anxiety and hope. The performance is inspired by the poem "Vølven's Divination" from Nordic mythology and is told by a singer, three actors and two musicians.

The music theater Saum is working on connecting intimacy, presence and honesty with the opera's great expression and complexity.

Age group: From 9 years
Duration: ca. 50 min.

Schools: Besides the mentioned playing times there are also performances only for school groups. Please contact Den Jyske Opera for more information on these.