In connection with "Verdensbilleder" Bora Bora presents a free outdoor event in the middle of Aarhus. Two times during the day at 17.00 and 20.00.

"Hill Sphere" is a aerial dance creation by choreographer Wanda Moretti and by musician Marco Castelli, a performance with 6 dancers suspended from a crane.

"Hill Sphere" is a term that indicates the influence of gravitational space in relation to another body. Every movement we decide to make requires to our bodies to solve moment by moment a problem of dynamic equilibrium in which the functions of the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems integrate perfectly. Each alteration of these systems leads to a modification of gravity. The performative act enters into dialogue with the surrounding volumes from perimeter to center from earth to sky, in relationship with floating spaces.


About Il Posto

Il Posto is the first company in Italy to specialize in site specific performance on vertical surfaces. Originated in 1994 in Venice, the partnership between choreographer Wanda Moretti and musician Marco Castelli formed in order to create vertical performances that combine dance, architecture and music, merging the dramaturgy of the shows to the places in which they are represented and thus inspiring new ideas, reflections and perspectives.

Il Posto produce vertical dance on historical and contemporary buildings, indoor and outdoor, on bridges, towers, cranes, but also in theatres, museums and industrial environments.