The successful Reumert Award nominated performance from The European Capital of Culture 2017 is back!

LOOK HERE! Special food event on June 5th! Scroll down for info.

HUMAN IN BALANCE – from waltz to Zembekiko

Once again DON GNU sets all on one board! Balancing on the gigantic board “The Turmoil” we let dancers and citizens from Aarhus and Pafos examine man as an individual and as a Citizen in a united Europe, where nobody moves without affecting the others

The two European Capitals of Culture in 2017, Aarhus and Pafos, are far from each other. But how does the everyday life look like for an ordinary Cypriot citizen of Pafos, and does it have anything in common with everyday life in Aarhus?

Created in co-operation with Dance House Lemesos from Cyprus and Bora Bora – Dance & Visual Theatre.

Food Event June 5th

On June 5 it is possible to buy an supplementary ticket for the evening's "Human In Balance" performance, which gives access to a very special culinary experience.

In connection with the European Cultural Region's "Genopdag" Culture Festival in June 2019, the Institute of Meals in Ebeltoft will hold the world's first biennial for the meal. One of these biennial events is made in collaboration with Bora Bora, where food artist Jakob Vinkler (Smag, The Borderless Kitchen, The Gastronomic Tourist Office, Fish A Deli Circus) will create food that is inspired in several ways by the evening's performance.
Before the performance (18:00), the most beautiful food is served and the individual table's guests support each other with the greatest pleasure as purpose. Like the performance, the dinner is a "fusion" between Cypriot and Danish culture. After the performance a glass will be served and there will be the opportunity to have a talk with the artists.

Price for dinner and drinks is 350 kroner - on top of your chosen ticket price. After putting your performance tickets in the shopping cart you will then be asked if you want to add food tickets as well.

About Don Gnu - Physical Theatre & Film

Don Gnu - Physical Theatre and Film is an artistic collaboration that focuses on dance and physical theater. Their style is entertaining, direct, expressive and very physical.

The artistic duo is made up of choreographers Jannik Elkaer and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen

The company has previously created the performances "As A Start" and the trilogy "Men in Sandals", "Woman Know Your Wardrobe" and "M.I.S. - All Night Long". "Woman Know Your Wardrobe" was nominated for a Reumert Award and received Aarhus' audience award for performing arts. Furthermore Don Gnu has created "N.A.R.G. - North Arena Rumble Game", which was chosen as one of the AerowavesTwenty. In 2017 Don Gnu produced the very well-received performance "Human In Balance" supported by and made for the two European Capitals of Culture, Aarhus (Denmark) and Pafos (Cyprus).

In addition to extensive tour activities in Denmark, DON GNU has also presented their dance performances in South Korea, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Cyprus and Cuba.

Don Gnu are resident artists at Bora Bora.