The Danish composer and guitarist Mikkel Ploug's guitar and the American choreographer and dancer Tilman O'Donnell's dance merges with the subtle language melody and rhythm of philosopher Alain Badious's voice.

Badious subtle language melody, harmony and rhythm acts as the building blocks for the soundtrack of the performance built by solo guitar by Mikkel Ploug, who plays in unison with Alain Badiou, thus revealing the subtle music of the language. Tilman interprets and manipulates Alain's philosophy through choreography and dance - as he has previously done in works created for among others the Cullberg Ballet in Stockholm and Corpus at The Royal Theater in Copenhagen.

The performance moves in the borderlands between concert, dance and philosophy lecture, inviting the audience into a beautiful, nerdy universe filled with proximity and reflection.

Tilman O'Donnell works worldwide as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Mikkel Ploug is known for his voice composition work in Denmark, where he, among other things, has appeared in a number of radio programmes with musical analysis of politician's language melodies.