Puppet theater as a musical visual poem on the horrors of war.

Based on the full Shostakovich's 7th symphony (1941) - "The Leningrad Symphony" -  puppetry grows out of the symphony and shows a poetic, sensous story about a family in Leningrad during the siege.

"Jernring" (Iron Ring) is a a visual poem for a great work of music. The music carries us through the whole story and the audience can look forward to being led through Shostakovich's 7th symphony in a bombardment of sensous, grotesque and touching images, among other things with Stalin as pole dancer and Death himself in grotesque shapes. The symphony became a landmark for endurance, courage, survival and a work of preparedness to encourage Leningrad's under-siege inhabitants and become a symbol of the Soviet people's struggle on the Allied side.

Bådteatret's puppet theater ensemble has again given itself a challenge with the performance "Jernring" - create a work where an entire symphony is played without breaks or extra sound and text. Only use the symphony to create images.