Secret Hotel presents:

B.O.D.Y.– to have or to be

The (cultural) history of the human body presented through dance, performance and lecture.

 B.O.D.Y. adresses a younger audience (14-19). Armed with cardboard, wigs and an old school overhead, the performers investigate the human body as a physical, cultural and political entity. The show moves between facts and fiction, from evolution over body ideals, gender identity, and science fiction of the body.

B.O.D.Y. invites reflection and engages the audience, using their thoughts and opinions.

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 Optional: B.O.D.Y. is a continuation of ”Head and Tail” - a dancing performance lecture for younger children, which has toured succesfully on schools across Denmark.

 Secret Hotel creates audiencebased, participatory performing art. Has toured in Denmark and abroad since 2008.