Children's performance (6-12 years)

Organizer: Den Jyske Opera

Kirana is an international musical drama performance that puts children on stage (here the 5th and 6th grade at Engdalskolen) with a team of professional artists from Malta. Ancient creation myths from China, India and Mesopotamia assembled in the poem about Kirana, a story of how everything was created from an egg and how the four elements originated by the stars and light.

The composer Ruben Zahra, who trained in Rome and the United States with no less than film music master Ennio Morricone, has for some years brought his idea around in many countries, and every place has the show given a new and unique expression.

The artists work a week with the children participating in the project, and the children's own bid for visual expression is incorporated directly into the projection, shadow play and choreography.

Prior to the show at Bora Bora is several months of work at Engdalskolen, where artists associated with World Music Centre at Aarhus Music School prepares the children for the intensive week with Ruben Zahra and pianist Tricia Dawn. While the 5th grade classes work with choreography and music, the 6th grade classes work with visual collages, figures and images that are involved in animation and shadow play. Digital animators working on Malta with the children's materials and create projections for the show at Bora Bora.

The music that accompanies the many visual expressions is contemporary music for piano and percussion, but you also experience water glasses as instruments like the voice is included as expressive instrument.


Please note! Bora Bora's member discount price does not apply to this performance, as it is an external organizer. Tickets are a lower price than usual, though.