The performance is presented at Bora Bora as part of an Italian double bill together with the performance "WRECK - List of extinct species". The ticket is valid for both performances.

'Kokoro' is a single Japanese word translated as our 'inner being', but embraces two concepts: 'mind' and 'heart'. Choreographer and performer Luna Cenere reflects on the matter of being and perception of reality.

In "Kokoro" the naked body, with it’s specific architecture, is exposed, transfigured, becomes a poetic medium. Through an impressive control of every detail of her body's movement - bones, muscles and skin - Luna Cenere creates constantly changing images through slow, hypnotic as well as spasmodic wavelike body movements. Muscle contractions, breathing and impressive balance are used for for various living and often faceless, symmetric and asymmetrical organisms.

Luna Cenere projects an inner state through which the observer can distill the characteristics of a character or many different. Pictures belonging to and not to the real world.

Her body is accompanied by evocative soundscapes by composer Gerard Valverde created using natural sounds, electronics and choral voices.

"Kokoro" was selected by the European network of dance theatres, Aerowaves, as one of the 20 best new talents to be presented around Europe in 2018.

The performance contains nudity.