Please note! Double feature.

Daniele Ninarello creates an uninterrupted flow of movements in dialogue with a soundscape improvised live by Dan Kinzelman using his voice and saxophone. "Kudoku", a duet between two highly skilled artists, explores the physical and sonic expression of the body, the visible traces it leaves in time and space. Daniele Ninarello’s hypnotic moves will slowly cleanse your gaze and bring you to a state of peace.

Please note: This performance is shown on Spring Forward as a double feature with the video "The Ascension into Lazarus".


Daniele Ninarello

Daniele Ninarello is s dancer and a choreographer. After completing his training at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (RDA Codarts), he worked as a dancer with several international choreographers such as Bruno Listopad, Felix Ruckert and Virgilio Sieni.

Since 2007, he has presented his own creations at different festivals and networks including Les Repérages/Danse à Lille, Les Hivernales Avignon, Quand les régions s’en mêlent, Anticorpi XL in Italy and Dance Roads supported by Mosaico Danza.

"KUDOKU" premiered at in Biennale Danza 2016 (Teatro La Fenice – Venezia).


Dan Kinzelman

Dan Kinzelman is performer and composer. After earning an Honors degree in jazz at the University of Miami in 2004, Dan Kinzelman moved to Europe and to Italy, where he has been living since 2005. He quickly embraced the Italian scene, joining the band led by Italian trumpet legend Enrico Rava and collaborating with emerging talents of his own generation such as Giovanni Guidi, Simone Graziano, and William Tatge.

He is currently writing music for new records with Hobby Horse and Dan Kinzelman’s Ghost, and for a new dance project with Ninarello that is slated to debut in 2017.