A physical tale about control

A Reumert Award nominee returns to Bora Bora after winning the Aarhus Audience Award! Partners Don and Gnu have made space for Woman on the stage but will they match? Was she made for Man or is that a match made up like heaven?

Don and Gnu have been around with their wardrobes. They have created frameworks and used them as hoops. They have been stacking wardrobes and apples and have met a woman who they have made space for in their performance Kvinde Kend Dit Skab*.

So the two men are now about to tell the woman who is boss. Kvinde Kend Dit Skab is a follow-up to their 2010 performance Mænd I Sandaler and as such it plays out in a challenging physical language informed by a sensuousness underlying subtlety. It creates a communication of paradoxical contradictions. The crux of the performance is to question our basic assumptions; to break them and reverse them. Interhuman relations and our expectations of these are subjects of examination in a physically literal way. About how we really touch each other as human beings both physically and emotionally.

The performance is inspired by the American psychologist Jerome Bruner who asserts that the human identity resides in our actions and in our social contexts.

Kvinde Kend Dit Skab is a performance where Don*Gnu attempts to break away from the traditional stage presentation and create an impetus for a new and liberating experience involving the pulse, the body and the senses.

Visit the PRODUCTION BLOG (in Danish) and see how the performance was developed at Bora Bora.

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* translates roughly as Woman, Know Your Place.