"Liaisons" is a new work by Danish choreographer Marie Topp, who critically reflects on how our senses are influenced by social and political structures. From a feminist point of view, the sense of sight is examined - the meaning of sight and the power of the gaze. How do we experience the difference between the direct eye contact and the blurred gaze?

The audience is placed on the stage in a semi-circle surrounded by sound. The vibrations of the music can be felt in the body. Almost like a touch. The audience experiences the slow motion of the dancers up close.

The two dancers stare into a void. We see a relation; the woman and the man, but at the same time they are the same, sexless. The bodies slowly sink down with their backs against the floor. The eyes look around. Almost dissolves into space. The eyes meet, but see nothing. The body of the woman floats as if it lacks weight despite it lying on the ground.

The work of "Liaisons" was started during Bora Boras residency program The Inspiration Room with a stay in Aarhus and at Vestjyllands Højskole. The work continued on the MDT in Stockholm and in Skåne at Milvus Artistic Research Center.

The team behind the performance consists of choreographer Marie Topp, the dancers Kenneth Bruun and Olivia Riviere, Julia Giertz (sound), Mårten K. Axelsson (light) and Igor Dobricic (dramaturgy). Their artistic collaboration is characterized by the music, dance and light being equals in a crossmedia composition.



“To music that is mostly a strong vibrating bass, but sometimes spherical sounds, as well as a lighting that darkens as well as lights up, Topp modifies and investigates the relationship between objects and subjects, the viewer and the viewed.”
- Svenska Dagbladet