Bora Bora is proud to be the host and co-producer of the world premiere of talented Selene Muñoz's latest performance "Libertad". In the piece Selene takes her highly personal and modern flamenco style on a journey with electric boogie dancer Benjamin Skop and contemporary dancer Alexandre Bourdat through each of their own cultural backgrounds, traditions, history and technique. In "Libertad" they try to create a new fusion of tradition and contemporary movements - a new freedom - and give the audience a great experience through music, dance, lighting and set design.
Selene Muñoz searches for personal freedom and asks the question: What does freedom mean to people in the Western world in this day and age?


"Passion and perfection go hand in hand. (...) In addition to admiring the flawless dancers and their great flexibility, the interaction, the playfulness and  the music is infectious. (...) At just the age of 25, it is impressive that Selene Muñoz, both as a choreographer and dancer, so forcefully, consciously and consistently insists on renewing and extending the flamenco dance tradition in new directions, and so beautifully lets it interact with other dance traditions."
- Aarhus Stiftstidende, 5 of 6 stars.

About Selene Muñoz

The internationally renowned flamenco artist Selene Muñoz - educated in both Denmark and Spain - appear on both the traditional Spanish flamenco festivals as well as on stages and festivals around the world.

With her personal and unique reinvention of flamenco dance, she has gained popularity worldwide and especially in the home country of flamenco, Spain. Selene Muñoz participated in 2009 as an invited artist at "Dressed to Dance" at the Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) in Madrid and was involved in the project at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. She has also appeared at the WORLD EXPO World Exhibition in Shanghai and has given master classes for artists from Cirque du Soleil in France and the Royal Ballet in Denmark.

Danes have also gotten to know her through her appearance on the tv show "Dancing With The Stars" (Vild Med Dans), The Nutcracker in Tivoli and the Summer Ballet at Bellevue Theater. In 2012 Selene was for a Reumert Award for Best Dancer, she has received Vibeke Rørvig Award, danced at the Royal Couple awards ceremony and at the celebration of the Little Mermaid's 100th birthday.