Recommended age: 1 1/2 to 3 years.

Little Night is an intense audiovisual and interactive experience. A white floor. The children who participate in the show are also dressed in white. It is an explosion of images and stimulating sounds.

This show plays with the night, with fairy-tale figures, with humour; it is a bit absurd and surrealistic. Stars that travel with their handbags, men with umbrellas falling from heaven, colourful spots that impregnate everything, a myriad of cars that try to avoid them.

Suggestive images that stimulate the senses and foster children’s play, that change their shapes and colours when someone touches them, when they are run after…



IMAGINART is a company that creates, produces and distributes unique shows for all audiences and especially childre’ns audiences. Own productions created by a tireless , imaginative, passionate, team; comissioned and co-productions with the main theatres of the country; collaboration with European reference companies and internacionalization, to arrive farther. Imaginart also directs and/or produces performing arts festival, upon which it lends its very demanding standards and rigorousness, as well as the commitment to uniqueness that characterises the company.

"We like to awake emotions throught shows that nourishes curiosity, enrich the imaginary, recreate new settings, explore limits. We like that each show turns into a unique experience. For that reason we look for newness, surprise, adventure, play, originality. And we do it very close to the audicence, all audiences."