LOST MEMORIES - about loss, memories and repression

Shaken, disoriented and without memory Mr. H arrives at a psychiatric emergency ward. The space, sounds and doors evoke glimpses of memories and the staff transforms into people from his past. Infinitely slowly he recalls: A woman is lost in the darkness.

LOST MEMORIES recreates the feeling of inner chaos from a man who has lost his beloved to suicide, and the paralyzing despair that hits you when you see another human disintegrate. The performance shows in retrospect and in a backward manner the traumatic events which led to Mr. H's amnesia.

LOST MEMORIES is a tale of losing yourself when you lose someone else. About rediscovering yourselves and live in a moving narrative with dance, video, words and music.

LOST MEMORIES is supported by the Danish Arts Council, Augustinus Fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Denmark' National Bank's Anniversary Foundation of 1968, Konsul Georg og hustru Emma Jorcks fond and Copenhagen Performing Arts Committee.

LOST MEMORIES on tour is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation Project Funding Committee for the Performing Arts.

(Please note: Strobe light is used in certain parts of the performance)