"Lulla" conveys a world of song, movement and music, where lullabies occur both in new and in traditional form. A musical meeting that opens for the participation of children and adults on their own terms. "Lulla" does not tell a concrete story. Lullabies invite to bodily and musical interactions, where presence, listening and play are central. "Lulla" explores an expression that arises in the stage space, where the artists, children and adults form a artistic and social whole. Both sound and movement are characterized by an open and inviting form, where the goal is to achieve dialogue and interaction with the children.

Number of audiences: 20 per performance (10 children + 10 adults).
Duration: Between 30-40 minutes, depending on the interactivity.

Dybwikdans wants to create close meetings between the performers and the visitors, where interaction and participation contribute to characterizing the performances. Dybwikdans tour nationally and internationally with their children's performances.


Lulla has a holistic, inclusive expression that consistently recreates the presence and security of contact between parents and children through the lullaby.
- Periskop

”I had never expected to get goosebumps from a children's performance.”
- Harstad Tidende