A part of The GENDERhouse Festival

Date: 31th August - 9th September 
Time: 19.30, saturday 16.00
Where: Teatret Svalegangen

Dark windows and a dirty neon sign that lights "open". You enter, maybe through a clinging crystal pendant. There is certainly coffee and Asti in the waiting room and a menu with Danish and Spanish, dildo show and hardcore. Most people have an idea of ow to work as a prostitute, but now Theater Bæst takes us very close to the sex worker and the complex debate when we open a pop-up brothel on the 5th floor of the theater.

In LYST # 2, the public is given the opportunity to participate in the debate on prostitution and to be challenged on the topic of shopping sex, prostitution and sugar dating. Together with the performer Eja Due, we dive into an underworld where sex, profit, brutality, care and love interfere with each other to look at the public's understanding of who the prostitute is.

On the 5th floor, an actor's apartment is transformed into a small brothel, where 30 audience at a time are allowed to become part of an extremely original lecture performance. Does your body belong to yourself, the state, the moralists, the feminists, the current sexual norm or the highest bidder? Two thirds of the Danes do not think you should forbid to buy sex as you do in Sweden. At the same time, a majority believe that prostitution is harmful, and every 10 Danish men have been with a prostitute. Are we double-moral, or is the debate too narrow? We enter one of the most taboo rooms to find answers.


43% Close to the luder
2% Comfort Zone
26% Intimate Reflection Room
28% end shaming and ballond dancing