M.I.S. - ALL NIGHT LONG is a slapstick dance performance which kicks the balls in orbit and bang the heads together in pursuit of the cursed self-understanding.

In the final part of the trilogy about MEN SANDALS - which is about the man's identity in modern society - DON*GNU digs down in the subconscious. Three totally different dancing men stretch themselves to the breaking point and throw themselves against their self-inflated walled-up self. They explore the man's unexpected paths and hidden energies in his labyrinthine search for meaning and pathos.

What are these mechanisms we start when we as men look inward to find the answer? And how do we meet those mechanisms again, when we look outwards and are confronted with ourselves? How do we act in this inferno of unintended consequences - with guilt and remorse at one end and desperate rescue operations in the other?

Supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Aarhus Municipality, Aarhus Municipality's Cultural Development Fund.