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Fingers move frantically across the keys of a grand piano as a pianist attempts perfection. Long limbs stumble and spew about the stage as a dancer attempts faultless movement and absolute grace. Together they resist failing perfection and try desperately to reach a sustained excellence. But what is perfection and who determines success?

"Manhouse 2.0" is a new performance that tackles themes of impotence, performance anxiety and fragile masculinity. In this new work choreographer Andreas Constantinou brings together a live pianist and devising performer/dancer to interrogate these notions live on stage. With one common goal: sustain performance perfection, stay hard and bring their audiences to a climax.

"MANhouse 2.0" is the final chapter in The GENDERhouse series and the 8th performance in the six-year series of works that each tackle different themes of gender, sexuality and identity.


Doors close when the performance starts.
Foyer opens 30 minutes before performance.