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October 27th: Performance + Conversation with Monna Dithmer (in Danish / Oct. 29th) (only one ticket price: 250 DKK)
October 28th: Performance (regular ticket prices)

Is there an energetic mass effect that happens when groups choose to collectively unite? How do groups push themselves through extreme physical activity? How do we transcend ourselves with the support of the collective?

Trainers squeak as feet pulse into the floor and bodies thrust across the stage. In this high impact performance seven athletic dancers share their breath, sweat, formations, and rhythms and collectively face one single challenge: surpass physical limitations and transcend together into unknown territories of bodily capacity.

Group dynamics manifest through spatial patterns carved out amidst complex running formations. Team collaboration becomes the key element for the group to be tuned into the same bodily rhythm as they push to their physical thresholds. Together they move beyond exhaustion as they find their second wind. A second wind is an unpredictable phenomenon experienced in sports and long distance running whereby an athlete who is out of breath and too tired to continue, but then suddenly finds the strength to press on at top performance with less exertion.

The result is a tremendous spectacle that fills the room with vitality and joy, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, feeling the urge to join them on stage.

Dialogue for dessert

Are you curious about your own and others audience's experience?

During the Move Your Mind festival we would like offer you the chance to expand your experience after each and every performance. Through a series of experiments with guided conversations with other audience members, we open up for different ways of reflecting on your experience.

The conversation is an immediate extension of the performance. We also offer a glass of wine / soda / beer in return for your time and your contribution to the debate.

Please note: The conversations will be in Danish - Limited number of "seats" for these after-events.



"Watching MASS EFFECT is like witnessing an ultra-marathon boiled down to 45 minutes of performance. (...) Beautiful, delicious and hugely captivating. I sat and almost lost my breath together with the performers. And I feel like seeing MASS EFFECT again and again and again. Because while the actors drain themselves of energy, they simultaneously transfer it to the audience, so you can not avoid leaving the hall with a spring in your step."
- En tur i kulturland (read the whole review in Danish)

"... when the dancers took small breaks - where it seemed like a natural change of scene - I could physically sense that the audience also took a deep breath in response the display of glistening sweat and tense muscles - if not in sympathy, then in pure empathy for what unfolded before their eyes. (...) It only plays for a short time at Bora Bora - so hurry up! "
- Ungt Teaterblod (read the whole review in Danish)

"A heartbeat out of sync and the performance would have stumbled across the floor, but it did not happen, because each step was choreographed carefully and the dancers were spot on. (...) Super intense and energetic experience."
- (read the whole review in Danish)

"You not only feel the joy. Your whole body responds positively to MASS EFFECT. (...) Dynamic, captivating and fun. MASS EFFECT focuses on physical endurance, but certainly also on mood, togetherness, playfulness and contagious positive energy. (...)
- Århus Stiftstidende (read the whole review in Danish)

"The whole audience sat almost completely on the tip of their chairs, and you could sense how we got more and more energy as we got more and more emotionally involved in the physical rituals on stage. (...) An absolutely wonderful performance from Andreas Constantinou and HimHerandIt Productions, which I can highly recommend if you ever get the chance to experience it, I had to watch it twice in the same week, because I simply could not let it go, when I had experienced it. Masterpiece. "
- (read the whole review in Danish)

"There's no doubt that the seven dancers on stage are in better than average shape and they move nicely across the floor as a whole mass. Only accompanied by their own footsteps and occasionally by their voices. It's impressive that they can keep the pace and energy up at such a high level for so long. "
- (read the whole review in Danish)

About Himherandit Productions

HIMHERANDIT Productions is one of the leading queer art companies in Denmark led by the artistic vision of Andreas Constantinou. Their artistic practice fluctuates between genres of performance art, physical theatre, contemporary dance, immersive theatre and large-scale video installations. The company develops projects that push, provoke, and engage audience into discourse around social subjects of gender, sexuality and identity.

HIMHERANDIT is an in-house company at Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater, Aarhus, Denmark. They present a wide range of works nationally and internationally such as staged performances, community engagement programs and the queer arts festival The GENDER HOUSE Festival.

"Champions" and "Mass Effect" are the latest critically acclaimed performances and most ambitious stage works to date by HIMHERANDIT Productions. The performances premiered as a double program early 2020 and left spectators with highly impactful experiences. Champions and Mass Effect tackle themes of psychological, emotional and physical resilience from contrasting perspectives.

HIMHERANDIT Productions won the Aarhus Applaus Award for The GENDERhouse Festival (2019), and was nominated three times for National Theatre Awards (Reumert) for "Champions"and "Mass Effect" (2020), "GARDEN" (2018) and "WoMAN&WOMAN" (2017). The company was awarded twice by the Danish Arts Foundation for "The WOMANhouse" (2015) and "ReDoing GENDER" (2014), and was twice selected for Aerowaves with "The WOMANhouse" (2016) and "WOMAN" (2017).

Artistic Director Andreas Constantinou

Andreas Constantinou is the Artistic Director of HIMHERANDIT Productions. He has more then 21 years of professional experience as artistic director, choreographer, director, performer and performance teacher. Andreas was an artistic collaborator and performer for Punch Drunk Theatrical Experiences between 2004 - 2006 creating roles for productions such as "Sleep No More" and "The Fire Bird Ball". In 2006 Andreas decided to focus primarily on his own artistic practice with HIMHERANDIT Productions and has since presented artistic works in theatres, galleries and festivals touring through out Europe.

Andreas has worked rigorously in Aarhus building and developing the Queer arts in the city since 2009. His artistic practice consists of large scale professional works that intersect performance art, immersive theatre, video installation, choreography and live art. His artistic practice would be best described as raw, confrontational and highly crafted.  Often his artistic projects build bridges between different European countries through international collaborations between artists and organisations.

Andreas leads yearly community engagement projects dedicated to supporting marginalised communities titled: Talking GENDERS projects which are engagement projects designed to offer diverse communities opportunities to develop artistic practice in professional and safe environments. Talking Genders project have taken place in Denmark, United Kingdom and France.

Andreas also leads the festival The GENDERhouse Queer Arts Festival which is dedicated to supporting the development of the queer arts in the city. The festival has a focus on bringing social themes of gender, sexuality, identity and diversity to focus through art works that defy tradition or genre-normitivity and seek authentic expressions that exist between artistic borders.

​Andreas Constantinou has been an in house artist at Bora Bora – Dans & Visual Theater in Aarhus, Denmark since 2013.


Photo: Johanne Teglgård Olesen