Above a wooden podium a hanging system waits for it's performer: body harness, leather straps and black shoes, all hanging from the ceiling by long transparent fishing wires.

The performance begins when a male performer, dressed in a formal suit is connecting the leather straps and wires meticulously to the body of female performer clad in a colourful dress.

The balance between gravity and endurance plays a central role in the performance installation Mind the Gap. For the duration of approx. 2 hours, time seems to stand still whilst a woman is suspended in mid-air above a man lying on his back and facing her. The absence of physical contact between their bodies highlights the notion of attraction and isolation that exists between lovers.

On Saturday and Sunday the installation can be experienced in it's full length continuously 16.00-18.00. On Monday it is shown one hour before and one hour after the performance Discounts.

The duo behind Mind the Gap, Chaja Hertog and Nir Nadler, also show their film The Four Riders at the festival.

Duration: 2 hours
Venue: Godsbanen/The Freight Yard foyer


Performed by: Chaja Hertog and Nir Adler: