OBS! "MiNi" is only presented at Teater Nordkraft in Aalborg. Not at Bora Bora.

The space is made of suspended geometric shapes, hovering like a “mobile” above the empty scene. Two dancers/characters are born from these shapes, one round, the other pointy/elongated, one blue, the other red...
Two opposite characters, each with its special nature and quality of movement, collide, meet and present themselves. Both are afraid of and attracted to each other.

There is no real or linear story, just a “mini” action which uses dance to express the emotional reactions revealed every time there is an encounter.
The meeting of the two characters immediately inspires play and the scene opens up to the audience, becoming a place where children can experiment: explore the space, shapes, sounds and colors put into play for them and around them. Shapes, sounds and colors react and come to life as a result of their movements.

In this game of discovery the parent is also called to participate together with the child. In fact, the stage space is arranged in such a way as to create an informal climate without a clear division between the audience and the stage and consequently gives life to an event everyone can take part in.