The performance is presented at Bora Bora as part of a double bill together with "Orchard". The ticket is valid for both performances (2 performances in 1 night for the price of 1 ticket).

"Myopic Time" is a new take on the vertical dance as a contemporary circus genre, and especially as a dance discipline. Like in traditional vertical dance, the vertical dancer manipulates her weight by strength and agility, but in this setup the changing shift in weight affects her.

In a meticulous and complex system of wires, robes and weights, the dancer, Ester Wrobel, hangs suspended. Here, movements are measured in kilos and grams, while the unit of time is “salt”.

With strange movements, the dancer explores the moment; its limitations and possibilities. Back and forth she moves like a pendulum, with her own free will to guide her. A reciprocity between the unstoppable movement of time and the vertical dancer’s freedom and limitations."Myopic Time" denominates the subject’s sense of time and the vertical dancer’s reality.

Wanda Moretti, artistic director of Il Posto Danza Verticale in Italy and member of Vertical Dance Forum, says:
"Myopic Time by Esther Wrobel is undoubtedly a new milestone in pushing the boundaries of vertical dance. It is a complex and fascinating drama composition!"

The piece is dedicated to the two master dancers, Carlotta Ikeda and Ko Morobushi, who’s presents in this life is deeply missed.

The Aarhus audience has earlier been able to experience Esther Wrobel dance on the side of Aarhus Cathedral in 2014 and in "The Room" at Bora Bora in 2013.

Age group: From 11 years and up.


Sparrow Dance is a vertical dance and cross disciplinary performance group founded by Esther Wrobel. The motivation behind Sparrow Dance is to promote and explore vertical dance and other non-floor dance techniques to further develop the versatility of art forms. Sparrow Dance is aimed at challenging and investigating the spatial relationship between the audience and performance as well as the audience experience, so therefore it is always central to the group's productions.