N.A.R.G. – NORTH ARENA RUMBLE GAME is an action-packed study of human beings and their interaction - a story about finding balance between individuals, both in their close relationships and in society.

Balancing on The Turmoil - the giant rotating, tilting scene - the dancers challenge each other's presence, responsiveness and balance; exactly as citizens of a modern society. If you break the balance, the whole thing comes down. If we lose responsiveness we also lose our foundation. But without movement we do not create progress and dynamics.

Don*Gnu hit the spot in 2012 with their Reumert-nominated hit performance "Woman Know Your Wardrobe". With "N.A.R.G." they show new sides of their imagination - whilst combining their trademark humor with depth and musicality. The performance has been developed through workshops and public work-in-progress showings in both Denmark and Finland, where the audience has shown great enthusiasm - like at The Day of Dance 2014 at the main square (Store Torv) in Aarhus.

The performances is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune, Nordisk Kulturfond and Augustinusfonden.

Co-produced by Bora Bora and Jojo - Oulu Dance Center.
Tour organized in cooperation with Turnenetværket and Scenkonst Sörmland.
Thank you to Leif Halkjær.

In Bora Bora's fall season Don*Gnu also participate in the Canadian performance "Forgiveness".



"It is easy to see and feel that the investigative, the playful and the challenging has been at the center. (...) As a whole N.A.R.G. exudes zest for motion and a commendable desire to explore the positive potential in aggression and conquer new territories in the landscape of dance on the exciting tilting stage. The two Don*Gnu leaders Jannik Elkær and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen can be proud of the choreography and staging, which they have created together with Christoffer Brekne."
- Aarhus Stiftstidende


Om Don*Gnu

Don*Gnu - Physical Theatre is an artistic collaboration that focuses on dance and physical theater. Entertaining, direct, expressive and very physical. The artistic trio at the helm of Don*Gnu consists of choreographers Jannik Elkær and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen and filmmaker Christoffer Brekne.

The company has also produced the performances "As A Start,"Men in Sandals" and "Our Closets Our Shelves" (former title: Woman Know Your Wardrobe). The latter was the very popular Bora Bora co-production which was nominated for a Reumert Award and received the  Aarhus Audience Award for the Performing Arts.

The company’s name, Don*Gnu, is built around the paradox embedded in the name. Don as an individual, and Gnu (wildebeest) as a herd animal, describes the constellation of both the individual and the collective. That we are accountable as individuals, but only understand and live in relation to others.

The performances have a naive and direct approach, underpinned by a recurring reflection and deep human empathy.

Don*Gnu are resident artists at Bora Bora.

Don*Gnu's website