Part of The GENDERhouse Festival.

Free admission.
Dates: 8. - 22. September
Time: Dome of Vision's opening hours (to be announced)

NO ROOM FOR IMAGINATION is an exploration of what happens when the self collides with society, the ego meets the world, and the individual is to be included in the masses.

NO ROOM FOR IMAGINATION is a photographic art project and exhibit which focuses on how the camera as a medium plays with our idea of objective "truths", and at the same time manipulates that very same idea through choice of motive and not least editing.
Without any ado, unnecessary explanations or self-imposed limits, five young artists will, through photo and video, challenge their own and their surroundings' views on gender, sexuality and identity in the fractured world that visual media, including photography, constantly navigates within.
The exhibition by Teglgård plus Four is presented at Dome of Visions, A temporary building, Cultural and sensuous space-in-between.
It's an exhibition which says no to limits, self-censorship, and stigmatization, and yes to imagination, expression and self-presentation.


NO ROOM FOR IMAGINATION is created by Johanne Teglgård Olsen, a photographer from Aarhus with a wide educational background including Fotografisk Skole, and a future BA in photojournalism. After years of being an active part of the local culture and art scene working for VINKAarhus and Fonden Voxhall, it is now time to leave her mark on the Aarhus art scene.
Johanne’s work focuses on sensuous experience at its core, the interplay between art and documentary, and collaboration across the arts.
Four different artists from Denmark also participates in the project - all with different background but photography in common,
Marie Louise Westring Hvidman (Århus kunstskole, DK Aarhus Artschool)
Tone Haldrup Lorenzen (MFA in physical Theatre, CA)
Christoffer Torp Vestergaard (CPH Film and Photo School, DK)
and Tobias Valentin (BA in photographic communication, dmjx, DK)
Teglgård plus Four is five visual artists with each their own view on themself and photography as a medium and tool. Together, they will give their interpretation of the medium, identity, society, and the meeting point between these.


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