Prepare for a creative pileup when the wonderfully unconventional band, John The Houseband, meets Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker". In this very special version of the famous ballet, the world as we know it is turned upside down. On their journey through the galaxy, the six protagonists, Hazel, Wal, Pea, Coco, Almond and Pistachio, land on the planet Nutcracker where they are greeted by the amazing and bewildering sounds of Tchaikovsky. With astonishing inventiveness, they cheerfully set out to conquer unknown territory in an energetic, other-worldly musical for the whole family.

John The Houseband is born of choreographers, performers and artists from Sweden, Iceland, Belgium, Spain and Germany who came together in Amsterdam in 2008 to form a delightfully unusual art and band project that perceptively unites performance and music. 

From 8 years and up. The singing and speaking parts in the performance will be in English (but is over all based on music and visual elements).