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Travis Alabanza: O/B/S/T/A/C/L/E
Travis Alabanza presents abstracts from their upcoming solo show. A reading. A confession. A breaking down. An obstacle. In the observation of how a trans body, a black body, a body out of borders and barriers can survive. When does the body become not yours, but theirs? How good are we at dodging objects? Words? Stares? What happens when the body does not want to perform anymore, but merely wants to confess.

Hilde I. Sandvold: Dans, for satan
Dans, for satan, is a short reflection based around the themes of gender and sexuality, and on being caught in your own starting-point. A small poem, and an icebreaker.
The piece aims to discuss issues in what one can call "the post equated society", where many of us grow up being told, that women and men can do the same thing: that is, exactly whatever we want.
Dans, for Satan, is a question-mark set as an exclamation-mark. It is a mixture of the choreographer's own words, and other thoughts. It is chaos, and an attempt of control.
The solo is performed in an expressive and extroverted physical language. It was created at Dansens Hus, Oslo, April 2017.
"Am I the only one, who does not understand the difference between Tinder, and Pokémon Go?" - Hilde I. Sandvold
The piece was chosen for Aerowaves 2018.

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