In "Of All Its Parts: From Darkness" the duo two-women-machine-show conclude their episodic journey into the unknown depths of a shared imagination. The work reveals a timeless and transformative figure, whose dance is a ceaseless flux between someone and other, between ancient times and flickering futures.

The transformative figure traditionally belongs to an age of myth, a period in which metamorphosis was the common gift of all creatures and constantly practiced to allow dynamic movement in times of stagnation or crises.

From Darkness is an attempt at expanding the possible dimensions of this 'dancing figure', the choreographic thinking considers any moment that opens up between the embodied sensation of the performer and the surrounding space as a possible occasion for movement to occur. What becomes possible in this space is a dive into the unknown depths of darkness-invoking and unblocking voices, spaces and stories that appear in a timely moment to gently make their demand.

About two-women-machine-show

two-women-machine-show refers to the shared work of Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg. Together they belong to a group of Danish choreographers, that are opening new avenues in dance. Their choreographic thinking draws on a practice-led approach to theory, an in-depth experimentation with transcendental methods and text-based performance.
Of All Its Parts: From Darkness has been developed in close dialogue with the costume and set-designing duo KASPERSOPHIE and long time collaborator; musician and producer S. Rieser.