A modern dancer goes back to her youth. With the help of a number of young disco dancers, she creates the performance "Open Your Heart". At the same time we ask the questions: When is it easy to dance, when is it difficult - and when is it really fun too? And what can we do to find to the original joy of dancing; dance like a child again?

This is not the first time that Finnish choreographer Taneli Törmä is seeking collaboration with young groups of dancers in order to develop their own choreographic practice. In the performance project "Classical Beauty", 200 young ballet dancers from nine different countries have given Taneli Törmä the opportunity to live out his childhood dream: to be a soloist in a classical ballet company.
"Open Your Heart" turns the roles of "Classical Beauty" upside down, focusing on what matters to the young disco dancers; which is important to them as they dance.


"What is particularly nice about this show is that it does not downplay or make fun of the sparkling over-energetic style that characterizes this kind of competition dance. The two very sympathetic dancers produce the joy of dance that lies behind the glitter facade - and it warms one's heart. (...) A wholehearted acceptance of the joy and pride of the young dancers in their dance discipline that makes it almost impossible for the audience to sit still. (...) Obviously you get energy and joy from dancing disco - and the joy spreads to the audience! ”
- xq28.dk (læs anmeldelsen)

It is a joyful and energetic injection without equal, and the show is recommended for anyone who misses some light, joy and sparkle here in the beginning of winter. Because how often is it that all audiences leave the room with the biggest smile on their lips after a performance? "
- Ungt Teaterblod (læs anmeldelsen)

“Without any doubt it opens the hearts of the audience."
- Danstidningen (læs anmeldelsen)

About Location X / Taneli Törmä

LOCATION X and Taneli Törmä produces international contemporary dance and video works that breaks the boundaries between dance, performance art and the audience. LOCATION X and Taneli Törmä collaborates with different kinds of artists producing conceptual projects for stage, site-specific locations and communities and cities. Most recently DANCE ALL YEAR LONG, a 12-month residency program in Odense.

Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold is a Norwegian dance artist based in Denmark. She graduated from Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2013. Working as a dancer, she has collaborated with choreographers and companies throughout Europe: Tina Tarpgaard, Ted Stoffer, David Zambrano, Edhem Jesenkovic, Kitt Johnson, Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez and Andreas Constantinou to name a few. In addition, Hilde has created a number of shorter solo-works, and performed them in different contexts in 15 countries, including ‘Greenpiece’, ‘Crossfade’ (both produced by Kitt Johnson/X-act), ‘Just a stupid little piece/Girl on Fire’ and recently, ‘Dans, for Satan’ was chosen as one of the prioritized performances selected by the Aerowaves network in 2018.