The performance is presented at Bora Bora as part of a double bill together with "Myopic Time". The ticket is valid for both performances (2 performances in 1 night for the price of 1 ticket).

A forest of vertically balanced poles, vulnerable to the lightest touch. Two performers navigate this precarious environment with the ever-present risk that one mistake could prove catastrophic. Orchard explores how the human form can overcome the constraints of its environment.

Selected this year by Aerowaves - the European network of dance theatres - to be among the Twenty19 - the year's best dance performances from new European talents.



"Orchard poetically reveals that fragile nature of life and the suspense in the eyes of the spectators feeling the tension about what is going to happen next, so that when a pole does fall it almost hurts."
- Camila Moncada Bradford,

"Like a rarefied circus act, it is part minimalist dance, part installation. Mesmerising and nerve-wracking."
- Neil Norman, Resolution Review 2018


Elinor Lewis is a performance-driven artist based in London. Her choreography employs the relationship between human and object to investigate themes of risk and impermanence.

Choreographer, movement director and pedagogue, Nuria Legarda Andueza is a multidisciplinary artist supported in London and Barcelona. The form of her work continually shifts to explore the effervescence of the inner world of the individual.