"Panic Day" is the day where you have to get it all done: Bake spelt buns for breakfast, be a good son, an even better mother, pass your exam, be the employee of the month, be your friend's faithful squire, the best lover in town and the happiest new divorcée - Are you ready?

Men hvad er det egentlig, vi vil opnå? Og er der overhovedet grund til at gå i panik?With today's panic as the main theme, choreographer Stephanie Thomasen works freely with her unique sense of grotesque and comical in human vulnerability: plans collide with the unforeseen. Ridiculous hysteria, monumental anxiety attacks and uncontrollable aggression occur - but also fragile respite and reflection.

But what are you really trying to achieve? And is there really any reason to panic at all?


"This is where Stephanie Thomasen as a female choreographer moves into the league of artists who dare to dig in the dark reaches of the mind and invest herself."
- Majbrit Hjelmsbo, Weekendavisen (read review in Danish)

"There is no end to the ingenuity of Stephanie Thomas's razor sharp choreography (...). All of it intense and expressive danced by the incredibly skilled ensemble, who also counts the choreographer himself as the only woman."
- Randi K. Pedersen, Teateravisen (read review in Danish)

* * * * * -
"Uppercut Dance Theater confirms their continued artistic curiosity with their terrific performance PANIC DAY"
- Michael Søby, CPHCulture (read review in Danish)


Uppercut Dance Theater was founded in 1985 by Cher Geurtze and Sheila de Val, and has since had children and youth performances as well as dance workshops for children and young people as their trademark. As one of the first modern companies in Denmark, Uppercut Dance Theater received public support from the Danish Arts Council. Since then, the company's performances have been seen by more than 250,000 children and young people in Denmark and abroad.

Uppercut Dance Theater's style lies in the borderland between urban contemporary dance and physical theater. The performances often break with the current perception of modern dance and create a tension field and a dramatic line that is relevant to the children and adolescents of today and the future. The company has a long tradition of working with various guest artists, film and theater instructors, composers and foreign choreographers.

Uppercut Dance Theater has over the years created a large number of children and youth performances, which have been shown in theaters, cultural institutions, theater associations, schools and colleges around the country. The company operates annually approx. 120 performances in Denmark. In addition, it is gaining ground with increasing activity internationally, including as Denmark's representative in connection with Danish state visits. Other tours have brought Uppercut Dance Theater to, among other things, Shanghai, Paris, Budapest, New York, Berlin and Bologna.

Uppercut Dance Theater has many years of experience in the organization of workshops for children and young people. Here, modern dance is introduced to students and their teachers through various teaching facilities in schools and in children's and youth institutions.

Website: Uppercutdance.dk