- Peep shows about loneliness and lonely people

Definition of loneliness: “Loneliness is the feeling of being involuntarily alone and lacking intimacy with others. It is the unpleasant feeling that arises when your social relations are experienced as inadequate. Hence, loneliness is a subjective experience; if you feel lonely – you are lonely.”

PEEPS is all about loneliness that hits you when you least expect it.

Welcome inside a room with five peep shows, nine different physical monologues, and even more angles on being involuntarily alone. You are invited to peek into five intimate spaces filled with embarrassing and unmentionable feelings such as emptiness, deficiency, and desperation.

Gently and with a sense of humour dadadans dissects loneliness and lonely people.

PEPPS is a living installation consisting of different peep shows, showcasing loneliness up-close-and-personal.

dadadans animates and spices up the taboo and the human behind the cold and impersonal numbers, facts and statistics on loneliness. The focus is here on all the life that is lived in hiding, in the absence of being seen, in the absence of belonging, in the absence of social cohesion – life played out in the dangerous and poisonous cocktail, which is the anatomy of loneliness.

With PEEPS, you are invited into an absurd world where you, in contrast to the collective experience that theatre usually offers, alone choose how to move around the peep shows – and explore chaotic worlds shaped by loneliness.

”I am not afraid of dying. I am afraid of being lonely for the rest of my life.”

PEEPS is a co-production between dadadans, Bora Bora and Dansehallerne. It is supported by the Danish Arts Council, Aarhus Municipality, and Beckett-Fonden.


Video: Documentation of the original outdoor version in Aarhus Festuge / Festival Week 2017, from which the new "PEEPS" was developed.


About dadadans

dadadans is founded by Helle Bach. Thematically, she is engaged and sensitive to today's society changing structures and our human social interaction herein. She wants to make us laugh and cry - by mirroring the banal realities of life as well as its poetic beauty. The choreographic language is direct and dynamic inspired by movement all the way from abstract contemporary dance over regular walking to the French cabaret tradition. Dadaism and its way to create "meaning" through the use of the collage, the absurd and immediately useless is frequently reflected in the work.