TICKETS: Call 50 87 32 42
and get a code. This code you can use for your log in at, where you will be able to order your tickets.
Monday-Thursday kl. 9.00-16.00 and Friday kl. 9.00-14.00. Saturday and Sunday kl. 9.00-15.00.


Wunderland invites on your own personal adventure! A sensorial journey at Aarhus harbour - through ships and forgotten buildings - into crevices and under the skin ...

You show up at an address by the port. It smells strange here. The door creaks as you open it. You look inside. The sound of a crackling radio, a glass set down on the table, someone muttering. You enter a hallway, following the sound.

In Phoenix you follow the fine traces of yet unexplored places ... the scent of rope and boat hulls, forgotten dreams of vanilla and childhood-dusty drawers, the shadow of a face similar to your own.

Please Note! Practical information:

Each performance is an individual experience (for one person). You receive a meeting time between the hours of 14.30-17.30 or 18.00-21.00, when you book a ticket. There are 8 minutes between each persion who enters. The full performance is an hour and a half. "Phoenix" is on every day - except Mondays - from June 3rd to June 22nd.

130 DKK standard / 70 DKK for students, u. 25 and senior citizens (+ 10 DKK booking fee)
Call 50 87 32 42 (Monday-Thursday 9.00-16.00 and Friday 9.00-14.00. Saturday and Sunday 9.00-15.00) and get a code. This code you can use for your log in at, where you will be able to order your tickets.


People and experiences lead you into the crevices of what you are, what you remember, what you fear and dream of.

Phoenix is an interactive, sensory performance developed by 9 nordic and international artists from various genres. You will be led through the experience alone, guided by an interactive sound system - that works via GPS - and by meetings with performers.

Artistic media: a hybrid form consisting of installation, soundscape, interactive technology, video, lyrical text, sensory experiences and performance.

The show is a co-production between Wunderland and Bora ​​Bora

In 2012 Wunderland made the pre-project Phoenix Flight Test at Port of Aarhus with 11 international artists from various genres. The  test involved a large group of test audiences and was supported by Bora ​​Bora, The Laboratory, the Danish Arts Council and the City of Aarhus. It was documented by Aarhus University by Thomas Rosendal Nielsen, PhD Interactive dramaturgy.

Wunderland is among other things known in Aarhus, Oslo and Tromsø for the acclaimed show " Butterfly Effects" that played at Godsbanen during ILT 09.

Wunderlands artistic director Mette Aakjær has been working with audience participation in various forms since 2001. Since 1996, she has explored the possibilities of a "travelling audience ". In 2007 she founded Wunderland.

Phoenix is created in close collaboration between Mette Aakjær and Australian Sarah John - and the rest of the participating artists .