A family friendly dance performance about hope for the future. Antarctica and the North Pole are melting and the ice is disappearing. Where will the polar bear live when the beautiful world of ice is no longer there? Sensory and corporal, a meaningful and personal journey for children and adults.

(ages four and up)

The Arctic is melting, the ice is disappearing.

What about the future?

Where will the polar bear live when the beautiful ice landscapes have melted away?

A corporal journey in a bluish white landscape of ice, a place of beautiful animalistic fur-dancing. A sensory universe of electro-poetic sounds, northern lights and polar bears dancing.

A highly visual and relevant performance for children and adults where we stand together for hope.

Where do you think the polar bear will live in the future?’

Interview med My Grönholdt (In Danish)

Polar Bear on facebook

About MYKA

MYKA is the name of a new artistic collaboration between Katya R. D. Nielsen (FO) and My Grönholdt (SE).

Katya and My are graduates from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2011 and are working as freelance choreographers and dancers based in Copenhagen.

The collaboration centers on the questions - what do we want to shout about? What is important for us and our fellow human beings? What are we interested in? What is the role of art, its purpose and identity in today's society?

Polar Bear is MYKA's first big production.