Unfortunately it has been necessary to cancel this performance due to COVID-19, which has made it impossible for the Hofesh Shecther Company to gather its dancers from all over the world for the performance. Bora Bora is currently working on finding a replacement performance.

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Ticket info:
October 27th: Performance + Talk by Monna Dithmer (in Danish / Oct. 29th) (only one ticket price: 250 DKK)
October 28th: Performance (regular ticket prices)

Hofesh Shechter Company presents
Choreography & Music fra Hofesh Shechter
Performed by Shechter II

In 2020, Hofesh Shechter is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his iconic masterpiece "Political Mother" with a powerful new version for Shechter II.

The performance urges us not to be passive about the powers that attempt to control us. We must not indoctrinate ourselves to be docile towards the existing power. It is a lavish work that is more current than ever, which is also why Hofesh Shechter is now recreating his acclaimed work from 2010.

"Political Mother Unplugged" will invoke the ferocity and spirit of the original in a new era and for a new generation of dancers, selected from the most inspiring young artists across the globe.

"Political Mother Unplugged" will draw you into a world of raw emotion and intense sensations, driven by Shechter's contagious tribal movement, a new landscape of digital, animated projections and the dancers' extraordinary skill and honesty.

Danced to a bespoke, new recording of Shechter's music this will be a dance experience like no other.

The last time Hofesh Shechter Company performed in Aarhus was at Bora Bora's 5-year anniversay in 2017 with the performance "Barbarians".


" ambitious and as heads-down, hair-prickingly exhilarating as modern dance gets…"

- The Telegraph (UK)