Please note: The triple programme is sold out at present time, but it is possible to buy tickets via this link for the last performance "Tail Language II" at reduced price (starts 20:30 and ends approx. 21:20) .


Bora Bora presents a triple programme with three highly energetic Korean dance performances in one night. This is happening on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Denmark and as a gesture to SiDance, which in November os this year has a Danish focus on its festival in Seoul.

The evening’s programme:
19:30 Silentium - Noname Sosu
20:00 Flight - Melancholy Dance Company
20:30 Tail Language II - Art Project Bora
21:20 End of programme

Information about the performances:

Tail Language II - Art Project Bora
The performance is named after the cat's communication with the tail and the symbolic system of gestures through the movements it has. "Tail Language" expresses the comic side of man, described through animals from fairy tales. Describes 5 characters from Oriental fables and communicates the reflection of modern times.
Choreographer: Bora Kim.

Flight - Melancholy Dance Company
As a wing, you and I take off for a goal. We finally approach the perfect flight. We experience countless successes and failures to achieve our goals. Sometimes we fall, other times we exhaust ourselves. But in time, we slowly find ourselves flying towards our goals. Using the leaps and jumps, Flight depicts how we take off for our goals. As humans cannot fly alone, the limitation is overcome by two people achieving an impeccable flight.
Choreographer: Jeong Cheol-In

- Noname Sosu
The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence. This silence can be the soundlessness after a long struggle with oneself. It may also be the result of looking away and repressing. SILENTIUM examines what fills our mind and body. It examines body structures and the constant movements and changes to which the human body is subjected. Even if we don’t like what we see, we cannot hide it, cover it, or make it disappear. We are what we are.
Choreographer: Young-hyun Choi
Please note: ”Silentium” contains flashing lights

Please note: Ticket price is slightly higher than normal due to it being three performances.


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