This "A Room of Conversation" event is cancelled. The other conversation events are not cancelled.



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Bora Bora invites you to join A Room of Conversation on the occasion of our festival Move Your Mind . The topic on October 6th, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm will be CHOICE.

The event is free, but because of limited space due to COVID-19, we kindly ask you to register. PLEASE DO SO HERE!

How do you make your choices?
Do we have to be certain in your choices?
Have you ever made a crucial choice, which you later regretted making?  

With the Move Your Mind festival, Bora Bora will open up for debate and make art relevant to you and everyone. Here, you are in focus and your opinion is important. The discussions do not require any special knowledge or preparation on your part. Everyone is welcome. This 2-hour even is free of charge.

Come and have a chat with a stranger about your opinions, hopes, dreams and perhaps even fears in relation to the topics CHOICE, AGE, CLOSENESS and POWER OF ACTION (DRIVE). The themes are chosen as an extension of each week's performance, but these Rooms for Conversation are an independent and informal format, and it is not a require that you have seen or have to see the week's performance. It requires no preparation or specific opinions. The conversations can take place in Danish or English, depending on which conversation partner you choose.

What is A Room of Conversation?

These Rooms for Conversation make it easier to meet new people through thoughtful conversations. You show up, we find you a conversation partner who you do not already know, and then we will hand you a question. We rotate during the evening, so you get to talk to several different people, and get more perspectives to take home with you.

You can see a video about the concept here (speak is in Danish)

Rooms for Conversation (Samtalesaloner) is a format developed by the community laboratory Borgerlyst as a tool for people to talk about things that interest them without first pigeonholing each other. Read more about the format (in Danish) at

This event is in Bora Bora's foyer / HeadQuarters.