Zoom in on the couple: Masculine, feminine, mixed, one duo after another. With rolling hips and coiled thighs, bodies embrace and take flight in acrobatic and tender lifts only to collapse under the weight of being scorned. With "Solitude duo" the critically acclaimed master choreographer Daniel Léveillé expands his multi-award winning solo project "Solitudes solo" and tackles the complexity of loneliness through tight, technically demanding dance flowing with equal passion and indifference, modesty and desire. The audience will have the pleasure of both Bach, Royer, The Doors and The Beatles on the soundtrack for the performance.

The previous performance "Solitudes solo" was crowned best choreographic work 2012-2013 by Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. For over forty years Daniel Léveillé has been stimulating the Canadian choreographic scene with his work, characterized by nudity, minimalism, repetition and radicalism.

The performance is produced by Daniel Léveillé Danse and is co-coproduced by Festival TransAmériques, Centre chorégraphique national Rillieux-la-Pape, direction Yuval Pick Rillieux-la-Pape), Theater im Pumpenhaus, Kinosaki International Arts Centre, CDC Atelier de Paris-Carolyn-Carlson, CanDance Creation Funds, Agora de la Danse, National Arts Centre, Brian Webb Dance cie and Studio Bizz.

The performance contains nudity.



"Dance that pushes the limits, in more ways than one. (...) For those who relish the power of movement to probe what it is to be human, it’s a definite must-see."
- The Toronto Star

“With admirable mastery, Daniel Léveillé signs here a deliberately stripped choreography, but never simplistic, which revolves around an immediately comprehensible vocabulary.”
- Revue Jeu

“Stripped dance back to its essence, removing all artifice, Léveillé creates a piece of great beauty that celebrates the human condition.”
- Montreal Rampage


About Daniel Léveillé

Daniel Léveillé Danse was founded in 1991 by the Canadian choreographer and dance teacher Daniel Léveillé. Relentlessly he has been stimulating the Canadian choreographic scene with his work, characterized by nudity, minimalism, repetition and radicalism.
A well known Montréal choreographer Daniel Léveillé exclusively holds an original position on the Canadian contemporary dance scene. Over the past 40 years, he has created more than thirty works performed by talented dancers, thus contributing to the evolution of this living art form. With "The Modesty of the Icebergs" (2004) and "Twilight of the Oceans" (2007) he developed a style made of repetitions and short movements. He creates choreographies that reach the borders of the impossible, that help to reveal the beauty of the human being in all his imperfections and he chooses nudity as the only possible costume in order to avoid any possible dissimulation.
"Solitudes Solo" (2012) marked the beginning of a new cycle of creation, made of more fluid gestures and the return of a costume other than nudity, that eloquently reaffirms that we can do and say a lot with just a few things. This new cycle continues with "Solitudes Duo" (2015).