One ringmaster and four dancers explore the many meanings of the word Ånd - the Danish word for Spirit.

ÅND/Spirit relates often to breathing, respiration, breath. To the breath of a god, hence inspiration. To the breath of life, hence life. Relates to spirare - “to breathe” - to blow. But also disposition or character.Not forgetting the Spirit also being ghosts, demons, deities and the Holy Spirit. And “spirit of the times” and “esprit de corps”. And many more…

Weaving itself through the cabaret is the story of an idea. That of the atom from the ancient Greeks up to today. An idea that has been considered hazardous, been hushed up; has provoked, inspired and influenced spirited people, philosophers as well as scientists up to the present day.

SPIRIT is presented in a time of short horizons, performance requirements and cuts in the Geisteswissenschaften. Can we breathe in it?

The cabaret has spoken texts in Danish and English.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Aarhus Municipality, Copenhagen Municipality, A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller's Foundation, Danmarks Nationalbank's Jubilee Foundation of 1968 and the Augustinus Foundation.


About dadadans

dadadans is founded by Helle Bach. Thematically, she is engaged and sensitive to today's society changing structures and our human social interaction herein. She wants to make us laugh and cry - by mirroring the banal realities of life as well as its poetic beauty. The choreographic language is direct and dynamic inspired by movement all the way from abstract contemporary dance over regular walking to the French cabaret tradition. Dadaism and its way to create "meaning" through the use of the collage, the absurd and immediately useless is frequently reflected in the work.