"No Tomorrow" is presented by SPOR Festival in collaboration with Bora Bora.

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“No Tomorrow” is a ballet for six dancers and six guitars. It is a reflection of the beauty, inner strength, and art of the dancer. The primary inspiration is found in Vivant Denon’s novelle “Point de Lendemain”; A lusty, hyperpoetical work of prose dating back to the late 18th century. This may come across as a Calvin Klein show but it is rather an homage to the coming of age and the idea of the real lover in those mysterious times.

Bryce Dessner, known from the band The National and as a composer of music for TV and films such as The Revenant, has written the music exclusively for “No Tomorrow”.

“No Tomorrow” has been highly praised by both critics and audience alike. Iceland Dance Company won the Icelandic Performing Arts Award for the piece, which has been touring Europe the past two years as a part of Iceland Dance Company’s performance festival SACRIFICE.