Choreography for 3D graphics and dance.

"STEREO" is a powerful disruption of the senses presented by award winning Recoil Performance Group. A graphic universe in 3D and an intense duet between man and woman, between reality and illusion. With "STEREO" Recoil Performance Group adds a new dimension to their frontiering video scenographies: Thus, the space around the dancers' bodies collapses and expands indefinitely; it curls up or slips off the stage tempting the audience to reach out.

Recoil Performance Group will be handing out 3D glasses and welcomes the audience to a whole new chapter in the performing arts’ use of illusions.



* * * * *
"It seems as if the dancers float around the room in Recoil Performance Group's newest work STEREO, which explores the duet's motion patterns in interaction with scenographic 3D animations. Animation which, for example, can make the room open in deep cracks. The work plays with the audience's senses. Indeed, it's cheating that we see depths in the scenography's projections, like the choreography also tricks us in to believing the dancers defy gravity."
- Teater1 (read the whole review in Danish)

"At one point, I was sure I an iceberg would land on my head - and ducked for cover in 3D horror. (...) ... the woman took the breath away by letting the heavy man crawl on her back so that she drenched in sweat could carry him through the virtual frost. Without a prospect for anything other than meltdown."

- Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information (read the whole review in Danish)

* * * *
"If you are hungry for a show that takes hold of the technology and the way it can affect performing arts, you should go in and see 'STEREO'. The performance challenges your way of thinking about performing arts, but is also about the timeless meeting between two people. 'STEREO' is a challenging sensual duet that changes things around and demands your attention. "
- Ungt Teaterblod (read the whole review in Danish)


About Recoil Performance Group

Choreographer Tina Tarpgaard and Recoil Performance Group have gained recognition worldwide for a number of visually unique performances. Based on collaborations across art forms, the group has created works where choreography and scenography merge and create new and overwhelming universes. Twice the Recoil Performance Group has received the Reumert Award for the Dance Performance of the Year: With "LIVING ROOM" in 2012 and "FROST" in 2010 (created for Danish Dance Theater). In 2014, "ON / VOLT" was nominated in the same category.