”Stigma” is presented as part of a double program alongside ”Engel". Your ticket is valid for both performances.

In 2019 Kitt Johnson's enigmatic iconic solo "Stigma" has nothing less than its 20-year anniversary - and this Bora Bora celebrates by allowing audiences the opportunity to see this unique work again or for the first time.

With extreme body control and empathy, Kitt Johnson transforms himself in front of the audience. It is disturbing, intense, stimulating - meeting the stigmatized human being in a naked and vibrating space.

"Stigma" is a dark enigmatic solo in which sounds, light and movement create a dramatic intense expression that appeals to the emotions and the intellect. The performance thematizes the innate, the self-chosen, the added - the brand burned into the fleash that separates one person from the other.

"Stigma" er skabt af en éner på den danske performancescene, koreograf og danser Kitt Johnson. Gennem mere end 25 år har hun skabt et særegent innovativt, minimalistisk og stærkt ekspressivt univers, der udforsker de dybeste lag af den menneskelige eksistens. "Stigma" havde urpremiere i 1999, hvor værket blev indstillet til en Reumert. Værket har for alvor været med til at slå Kitts navn fast på den internationale dansescene, og har i årenes løb turneret verden over - i både Europa, Asien og Nordamerika. Stigma taler stadig i dag til noget dybt inderst inde hos publikum.

"Stigma" is created by choreographer and dancer Kitt Johnson who is one of a kind on the Danish performance scene. For more than 25 years she has created a peculiarly innovative, minimalist and highly expressive universe that explores the deepest layers of human existence. "Stigma" had its premiere in 1999, where the work was nominated for a Reumert. The work helped establish Kit's name on the international dance scene, and over the years the performance has toured the world - in Europe, Asia and North America. "Stigma" still speaks to something deep inside the audience today.

In connection with "Stigma" receiving the award from the Danish Arts Foundation the following words were given on the work (here an excerpt of the foundation's reasoning):
“Disturbing, incisive, etched to the retina, the piece has been burned into one's mind when you exit… with Kitt Johnson's total empathy and distinctive radiance, it becomes everyone's - the human's - history and heavy walk on earth. The stigmatized human being. Absurd… grotesque… shocking…. A modern graphic by Palle Nielsen and a classic mix of Hieronimus Bosch and Pieter Breughel at the same time. "


“Disturbing transformations powered by inner states … elegantly, phantasmagorically minimal.”
Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice, USA, 2003.

"Many choreographers now freely draw on diverse techniques. A fine example of such eclecticism could be seen in Kitt Johnson from Denmark, who combined European expressionism with Japanese butoh dance in Stigma. "
- Jack Anderson, New York Times, who placed "Stigma" on New York Times' Top 10 list of great dance experiences of 2003.

"A riveting solo about isolation and persecution. Johnson never repeats herself, and as a solo artist she knows how to use light and sound to theatricalize every movement her muscular body makes. Hope she returns."
- Glenn Sumi, NOW Toronto, who placed "Stigma" on the magazine's Top 10 list in 2004.

“Rare is the choreographer who can say a great deal with very little.”
- Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times.

“Stigma presents a creature unlike any I have seen before (…) The rumbling, wet soundscape keeps you on edge with your eyes on Johnson, as it made me feel as she could sprint straight off stage into the audience at any moment. Johnson’s incredible body control and unique manipulation of costuming attest to her massive worldwide success.”
- Deanne Kearney, Mooney on theatre, Canada, 2018.

“This intriguing work is very European … Johnson’s cerebral choreography contains the wisdom of the ages, and is fey, even precious in its presentation. There is a delicacy and whimsy to her work that is just not part of a North American aesthetic.”
- Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, Canada, 2004.

About Kitt Johnson

Dancer and choreographer Kitt Johnson is one of a kind on the Danish dance and performance scene. For more than twenty-five years she has been developing her own, very particular, artistic universe; a universe that is at once minimalist, expressive and innovative. Her work is characterized by an extreme body control and a unique feel for simple but effective stage effects, and she uses these effects to create intense, physical and visual transformations that explore the deepest layers of human existence.

Kitt Johnson has a background in elite athletics, modern and contemporary dance, contact improvisation, butoh, martial arts and German expressionist theatre.