Most parents know the exhausting feeling coming from of lack of sleep at night. In MYKA's interactive dance performance "The Night" the night gets a new sound. Here it is associated with a positive and imaginative experience, where babies and adults release their imagination and senses into a magical night universe.

The light of the moon, shadows, bodies, and sparkling stars will dance in an organic soundscape. The floor is covered with a soft carpet, and the babies can move freely around the night room or lie down and enjoy the experience. Two luminous dancing creatures wake up and invite parents and infants on a sensory journey into a harmonious and safe night world. Here they can sense the stars very close. They can touch them, see them and hear them.

"Night" is a dance performance entirely on the babies' terms. In "The Night" the babies can move freely and react o their impulses with all the body's senses without being held back. The dance performance is for babies aged 4-18 months and opens up for 125 babies at a time + one adult per baby. In this way, an intimate and calm space is created around the experience.