This double bill by choreographer Andreas Constantinou presents contrasting perspectives on the masculine gender. Anything but subtle and no over-choreographed framing. Using raw aesthetics that are visceral and visually appetizing both works are coarse, crude and in their vulgar state. From the poetic to brutally honest.

The WOMANhouse
Four female performers transform themselves into men and question the social constructs of masculinity from a female point of view. Where does the masculine begin and the feminine end? Together they mock, fight, fuck and frenzy as they embark on a bizarre journey that will amuse, confuse, and maybe even offend some.

From classical sculptures of male ideals, a gender confused ape, feminized frolics, a box headed individual, to a full blown crying baby with a mans body. ReDoing GENDER is a solo performance filled with intense imagery that displays one mans search for a male gender identity amid the gaze of a patriarchal society.

Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune and Silkeborg Kommune.
Support in kind-partnerships: Bora Bora, Danseværket, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (UK).



“He stands in a soft light and flexes his muscles, his body is toned, beautiful and well proportioned. He moves beautifully, gracefully and looks like a statue from antiquity. It is great to see a man addressing gender issues in ReDoing GENDER."
- Teatermagasinet Teater1


About HimHerAndIt Productions

Andreas Constantinou is a choreographer, singer/songwriter and visual artist. In early 2003 he initiated Himherandit Productions.

He has performed and presented his performance art and music works in theatres, galleries, bars and festivals through out Europe and Asia since 2004. At venues such as The South Bank, Bonnie Bird Theatre, Robin Howard Dance Theater, Archauz and the Donau festival in Austria.

Graduated from Europe’s leading contemporary dance conservatoire Laban in 2003 he has since worked and collaborated with some of Europe's leading artists such as Kitt Johnsons' X-ACT, PunchDrunkTheatricalExperiences, Athina Vahla, CandoCo Dance Company and Uniform.